Fumigation Services Oman


PCD offers fumigation services to kill grain pests in stored foods, such as rice, wheat and pulses. The process is carried out under tarpaulin cover with approved fumigants, which eliminate pests such as tribolium, moths, weevils, flour beetles, etc.


PCD also fumigates in-transit containers after inspection, to control wood borer and other pests, as and when the exporters/shippers require this service.

ECO2FUME®  the alternative fumigant for Bromide Methyl, Aluminum Phosphine, Magnesium Phosphine, and etcetera and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries since year 2011. ECO2FUME® fumigant gas, applied for controlling pests in listed raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, stored goods, animal feeds, and non-food products.

ECO2FUME® is a ready-to-use, non-flammable mixture of Phosphine and Carbon Dioxide that enables highly effective fumigation in a wide range of sealed-storage applications. It is dispensed external to storage or structures using simple techniques, which avoid applicator exposure, eliminate confined space entry and enhance overall worker safety. Concentration levels of Phosphine can be managed by adjusting the amount of fumigant released from the cylinder at any stage of the fumigation. The gas penetrates quickly through, easily aerated and produces no waste by-products or dust residues, thus eliminating the hazardous deactivation and disposal issues typically associated with traditional fumigants.

Product Benefits:

  • Non-Flammable
  • Fast-Acting
  • Easy Application & Control
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • No Waste Generation or Disposal
  • Environment Friendly
  • Cost-Effective



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